Wakan Village

Last weekend I went with friends to discover Wakan Village for myself. Once out of Muscat the drive became scenic and I was really looking forward to a little hike and seeing somewhere new to me in Oman.

We missed the turn on the first attempt…but got back on track and soon found ourselves on a narrow track heading up the hill towards the Village.


And I was not disappointed! Behind this sleepy little village (it was about 9am on a Saturday when we arrived) a gate opened onto a pathway with a 2km route up the hill to a view point. I was surprised to find cherry blossom trees beginning to bloom; their scent drifting on the lazy breeze as the delicate little pink flowers brightened the landscape.



This is a farming area and terraces have been cut into the hillside to create flat land in this hilly environment. Water is available as irrigation channels direct water from the mountains in and out of storage pools where frogs happily swim. Date palms and simple vegetation provide an income for the village and a steady stream of tourists come and go all day.


Sitting at the view point at the end of the path, surrounded by ancient rock formations and looking down into the village, I was reminded of how great it can be to be a tourist in your own country and how much more there is to explore in Oman.




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