Routes 30 and 25

Last week I bought myself a present to celebrate my promotion…a Jeep Wrangler now known as 🐘Tembo🐘

So, the obvious thing to do next was buy ‘Off-road Oman’ and head off on a little adventure. Fiona and I headed off in Tembo to find a camp already inhabited by two more friends near Fins beach, about 2 hours south east of Muscat. Fins is home to a beach with a rocky coastal wall and captivating sea scenery, and we were not disappointed as we parked up on the sand and made Camp before relaxing for the afternoon under an intense Arabian sky.

Swimming. Reading. Chatting. Eating. Drinking. Sitting by the fire. Admiring Tembo!!



After a chilly night, and a not too shabby sunrise we packed up ready to take Tembo on his first off-road adventure, having chosen Route 30 as our planned journey. The route promised switch backs up steep mountain trails, some of which were paved, and viewpoints, villages, canyons and incredible vistas down to Fins and beyond.


The road was great, Tembo is amazing and I can’t wait to drive him all over the place, and we were treated to fabulous views in all directions. We stopped a couple of times on the way up to enjoy the view over Fins and back down the road we had already travelled. The viewpoint stop came with the acrid scent of decaying goat; it didn’t spoil the view, but did limit the time spent enjoying it!



We got to the village of Qurun after stopping at a shepherds station to look down into the gorge, while goats climbed on Tembo, but unfortunately we weren’t able to get out the other side and had to turn back and return the way we came before heading on the road to Tiwi in search of lunch.



On the way home we decided to detour onto route 25 to see Dayqah Dam. The route took us thorough a barren land of confusing rocks that I need to review my geology skills in order to identify. Stunning scenery and another enjoyable drive lead us to Wadi Dayqah, which we followed up to the dam and the amazing visitors facility. Although the visitors centre is closed at weekend the area is still accessible and has been beautifully landscaped with gardens, picnic facilities and parking with stunning views into the reservoir.




It was great and I can’t wait to go back…just a shame swimming is prohibited as it would have been amazing!
The whole weekend was stunning and I can’t wait to work my way through the routes in Off-road Oman – so many amazing journeys to be had in Tembo. Come and join us!

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